Friday, January 21, 2011

Time well spent at Sal's Boutique...aka...Salvation Army

I've had a box of things I wanted to donate sitting by the door for a week and today I had a little spare time so I decided to drop it of at Sal's. I love to find things around the house that I no longer use and free myself of them. It makes me feel good, like I am helping others and at the same time helping myself to clean up shop around here.

Every single time I drop off goodies at Sal's, without fail, I end up treating myself to a few things (so much for cleaning up shop). I find things at Salvation Army that I think, with a little love, can find new life again. I had to have some self control though today because the pickin's were good!

I ended up purchasing two framed photos, a vase, and a small box. Three things need repurposing, so for me, that means I have new projects (on top of the old projects). That's okay though, it gives me some things to look forward to.
These pink frames have great detail and will look great when I freshen them up with a new coat of paint. The Alice in Wonderland pictures that came in the frame are pretty cool but I'm going to replace them with something more my taste-not sure yet, but I do have a few good ideas stewing (future blog post). By the way, the frames were 1.99 each.
The next item is another small project. I'm going to repurpose this box to be our new recipe box. I was going to buy one on Esty, but why buy when I can create one specific to our kitchen on the cheap. This box cost me a whopping 79 cents and by the looks of it, it was once someone else's project (notice the colors and the stars:)
The last purchase is NOT a project, it's a luxury buy. I paid 3.99 for this absolutely wonderful vase for the kitchen. I saw it and immediately threw it in the old Ames cart. It's already in the kitchen doing its thang, looking all good and whatnot.

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