Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet my four legged roomies...

A lot of people I know have heard me talk frequently and even tell stories about RUBY and FANG.

There are a few things you should know...Number 1, I take my kitties very seriously. They are my children, well until I have real ones and I don't think that's weird whatsoever!

Fang is the older sister. She has an attitude or as more corny people call it, a cattitude (haha). She is my first pet and she was adopted (cough, cough, stolen, cough) from the neighbors two doors down. She is known in the house for her soft as silk hair and hissing at her youngest sister...lots and lots of hissing.

Ruby was an addition to our fam' because we thought that Fangy needed a friend. I am sad to say that we were terribly wrong. They aren't even frenemies. Ruby loves Fang but Fang just ain't having it. Ruby is like a real baby. She cries when she wants to be fed and cries when she wants to be picked up. She will even sit on her hiney and put her arms in the air when she wants to be picked up-so cute and at times annoying.

Brian and I have a weird obsession with cat nicknames. Sometimes we'll even text eachother at work when we come up with a new one.

Ruby also goes by: Ruby Tuesday's, Ruby Mini's, Minnie, Minnie Cakes, Cakes, Tuesday's, Ruby T. Minnie, Angel, Minnie McGee, Woobie, and more odd than others, Little Shrimp Boat Captain.

Fang goes by: Fangy, Fangdoodle, Witchy (which stemmed from Fangwitch), Pretty face, Snow Bunny, Fangy McDoodle, Pee pants (she has a problem-let's not go there), and Witchy Mobile then turned to Witchy Mobile Alabama.

So anyway, now you have a face to put with the name. Meow :)

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