Monday, January 10, 2011

In love (with my new shelves)!

While browsing my favorite blog ( I stumbled upon an idea that I fell in love with immediately, however I wanted to make it my own. It was a love at first sight situation that I HAD to pursue. I will admit that whenever I try anything outside of the box, I tend to question and over analyze. I figured that if the project was a complete fail that the most I had lost was $17 (screws and wood) and a little bit of time.

I contacted my dear friend (Mark) who built the window seat and radiator cover for my home. He is my go-to-guy for wood working projects (he is also the co-advisor with me for yearbook, a colleague, and like I previously mentioned my dear friend). We discussed the project and he told me that we should be able to complete the project with ease.

The very next day (filled with excitement)I ran out, purchased the materials, and headed to my Mark's. It took approximately 20 minutes to cut a groove into the shelves.

I brought the shelves home, slapped some white paint on them and then Brian (my roomie) drilled the holes and attached them to the wall.

Love at first sight, and second and third...every time I walk by I fall in love over and over again.

Here is the link to Jon and Sherry's blog ) where I found the idea. I liked the idea of the postcards but wanted to put my own spin on this project.

Table saw to cut grooves
(3) 1x3 pine
4 inch screws
paint or stain

For specific directions, check out Jon and Sherry's blog. I used a larger piece of wood, but you can tweak the project to suit your needs.

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