Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Porch in progress (kind of)

Our porch is in the middle of reconstruction. Demo is over, which is great, but the porch is far from done. We were forced to stop because we live in the lovely state of NY and it's downright cold and snowy.

Here are some of the pics in progress...

We found the original columns to the house (built in 1895-that's the latest record we could find). The old columns were gorgeous and some crafty person could probably restore them, but they were too far gone for us DIYers. The columns were a fun find!
Demo of the deck that was somewhat rotten and very sloped.

This photo is the new construction of the deck. I used a post hole digger, big power tool, for the first time. Surprisingly, not as fun as it sounds. The deck is now nice and straight (and full of snow and ice due to the fact that we have no porch roof). Notice the vestibule is missing. Many friends and family members have participated in a back and forth of whether or not we should keep the vestibule or get rid of it.

Our plan for the roof was to keep it and try to freshen it up. I loved the look of the porch roof-it had beautiful scroll work. Unfortuneatly, the day we were supposed to replace the columns we discovered the roof was rotten. After tearing it off (a lot harder than I'm making it sound) and inspecting it, it was actually five roofs on top of one another (EWWW).

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