Monday, January 24, 2011

And if you thought Wal-mart was cheap then check out... Yup, Wally World online is actually cheaper than buying in the store. I was surfin' the ole net and found some pillows at that were on clearance for $5 each. Just to be sure that I wasn't getting ripped off was really getting a deal, I checked out the pillow aisle while doing some grocery shopping. To my surprise the pillows were priced at $10 each. Savings=$10.00

The great thing about ordering them online is that you can have them shipped directly to the store for no cost at all. If you choose the Site to store option you save on shipping and save on the price of the product. Not a bad idea, in my opinion.

I received an e-mail today informing me that my pillows had arrived and that I could pick them up right away. I hopped in my Honda quite excited to be getting a package.

I ripped open the box like it was Christmas morning and the pillows were even better than they looked online. Cozy, soft, squishy and just the right color. SCORE!

Oh, by the way, if you are looking to cover pillows with a material of your choice, it is cheaper to buy fre-fabricated pillows at this price ($5 each) and cover them with your own material than it is to buy pillow forms ($8-10 each). Save some dough my sistas!(and my brothas who buy and sew pillows).

One more "Oh, by the way...I am certainly no advocate for Walmart. I'm a business teacher, have been for six years, studied business for four years in my undergrad, two years doing my Master's and I recognize the effects of retail giant. That being said, I am a consumer on a budget and even though I'm saving there are definitely other costs to shopping there. Wow, let the passion flow Danielle.

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