Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Rocking" deal!

I was shopping at a local furniture store...

It's actually not a store, it's more like an old garage with really nice scratch and dent furniture jammed in it.

Anyway, I was shopping around and noticed two identical, really great rocking chairs.  I've looked at the prices of rockers and they aren't cheap.  They want at least $100 at Lowe's and Home Depot and then of course I need 2, so yeahhh, too expensive.

These particular rockers were listed for $39 each.  I knew in this type of setting it was acceptable to bust out my negotiating skills.  I asked if they were willing to go lower and the gal working there had to call her boss to find out.  He told her to ask me what I was willing to spend and I went for it!  I was like a pro, I said, even without thinking they'd ever take the deal..."$50 for the pair."  He said YES!

I brought them home and knew I was going to sass these babies up.  I sanded them, wiped them down, and painted them plum.  Ahhhh so gorgeous.  I painted them plum because that is the same lovely color my shutters will be!  I actually had the paint lady at Home Deep do an exact match of the shutters.

Keep in mind they are still a work in progress because the seat to the chair needs a second and third coat of white exterior spray paint.  I am thinking I might monogram the top panel of the chair too.  Ya dig?

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