Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's just lil' ole me hitting up Salvo's...again...

It's late but I couldn't resist sharing the gems I found at Salvation Army today.  I was just there yesterday, but today was a really nice day and Brian and I thought taking a walk would be nice, so I convinced him we should walk down to Salvation Army. 

I must add that the prices at Salvation Army are all over the place, probably due to the fact that different people price things and they all have a different value of worth.  Whoever priced this stuff did me a big favor by pricing things cheap.

My Salvo's finds of the day are (drumroll...)
All three candle holders, 5 candles and 3 wreaths for around the candles...$8.99
Close up.
How amazing is this little dazzler to hold pillar candles? Only $2.99
Close up.
So cute, look like they came from a little girls room.  Probably going to paint them to match our bedroom (when the time comes).  Only .99 cents a piece!
Close up.

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