Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Craig, I heart you!

This is going to be a short post, but I couldn't resist sharing the good news with my followers and viewers.  This past week, Brian and I decided we wanted to buy a new stove, with the kitchen looking all snazzy now and our new countertops coming tomorrow, the big bright white stove just wasn't cutting it.

We put some stuff of craigslist, specifically an airconditioner that was a gift (free), our current big bright white stove (free from my uncle), and spindles that we purchased and decided not to use (broke even). 

We ended up pulling in $400 smackers!  Woot woot!  I don't know you Craig, but I love your list!

We looked online for some good deals, visited Home Deep, visited Lowe's, compared prices and found one we LUVVVVV!  It was on sale from $629 to $584, plus all energy star appliances were 10% off plus we had a 10% off coupon so the total came to...$510.27.  We handed over the $400 in what seemed like free money and ended up paying $110 out of pocket.  LUVVVV.

We ended up with a five burner, gas range, in stainless steel, made by Frigidaire (which I also luvvvv).

Here is a pic, eat your heart out.

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