Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Somebody grab a camera!

Many of you have probably seen Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, American Pickers???

No?  If not, they are definitely worth a watch.  Storage Wars is basically about people bidding on old storage lockers, hoping to find value in their contents in which they will resell.  Pawn Stars is about a pawn shop where people bring things in that are sometimes worth nothing or thousands.  American Pickers is about two guys who take it on the road to dig through people's "junk" to find things worth money to sell.

Well, I recently attended my first auction and it was AWWWWWE-some!  So many treasures and so inexpensive.  Long story short, I bought stuff.  Yup, cool stuff.  I bought frames from the 1900's for 2 dollars.  I bought glass bottles (20+) for five dollars (keep in mind they retail for 8 bucks each at a local antique store), a ladder for 7.50, and few other goodies. 

I'm addicted and totally going back this Thursday.  Somebody grab a camera and I'd be glad to film my own TV series!

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