Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mancave update!

Mood: Pumped!

Yesterday I ran right home after teaching and started on the house. I couldn't wait to do something to snaz up the place. I began by returning the THIRD carpet I had purchased, stopped at a local art store (Artware) to look at frames, and then one more pit stop at Lowe's to buy floating shelves.

Funny story about Lowes...I bought four floating shelves, checked out, got out to my car, thought they were too big, returned them, walked back in, realized they were the right size, bought them again, and was finally on my way.

After four long hours of trying to figure a five step process, the shelves were hung! I may have taken a few breaks in that four hour period to eat chinese food, watch tv, listen to music, etc., but it was still definitely a long process.

Brian was pretty excited when he got home. I made him close his eyes and I walked him over to the other side of the room where he could take in the shelves from the best angle. He loved them. I did too. I called my grandmother at 10:30 just to tell her I loved my new shelves. She pretended to be as excited I was. Thanks for that.


  1. Hey, i tried to find this blog, but i accidentally came up on jacks#49anything blog. It was about shooting camels in australia. Wierd huh? Just thought you should know that.

  2. That is different! No camel shooting here Reymundo!