Thursday, May 6, 2010

House on hold...

The house is going to be on hold for a day or two because my grandmother is coming to visit. She claims she wants to see the house, but I know she just really misses me. So gram will be here around 2:30. I'm thinking I'll give her a brief tour (she'll probably faint when she sees how messy the upstairs is), then we'll go to dinner and then relax in the newly 1/2 decorated Mancave. We'll probably hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond too because who doesn't love a trip there?! I am currently on the prowl to find three frames that are 16 x 20 in a black finish. I was so excited when I went to Wal-mart and found 16 x 20 frames for under $20 bucks! And then I realized they were brown! I was half tempted to buy them and spray paint them because they were 1. convenient, 2. inexpensive, but I thought to myself, Danielle, be patient. So needless to say, I skipped on the frames. I am hoping to resume working on the house Friday, but Junior Prom is on Saturday, so I'll be taking time out of my day to chaperone that. The house will be there when I get back :)

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