Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is no deal...this here is a STEAL!

I was surfing craigslist (yeah, I surf the net a lot) and found the wildest video posted about furniture.  It was a video, shot by a young guy, who was walking around a warehouse shooting footage of all the cheap furniture he had for sale.  He would walk by a dresser and say "five bucks," walk by a lamp and say "free."  It was incredible.  I was so excited I could barely get through the rest of the work day.  I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to buy and went prepared with cash!  I was hoping there would still be some inventory because the post was from February 7th.  There was one item I wanted more than any others-it was a red dresser, vintage looking, and I actually clapped at my desk when I saw it. 

So anyway (anticipation building?) I rush to the door, practically run inside, start scanning items and lo and behold,

there she is...my RED VINTAGE dresser!  Now, now, I know red doesn't exactly go with my whole motif, but a little love is going to go a long way when I spruce this up so it coordinates with what I already have.

Amazingly, this dresser was...
Yup, only fifteen smackers!

And although most of the other goodies were gone, I did manage to snag this...

For only five clams dollars!  I'm thinking, paint job, and rocker for nursery someday la la la la-ong long down the road.  Did I mention LONG down the road?  Long!

Well, I feel like a lucky duck today let me tell ya.  To stumble upon this gem when I wasn't even looking is like hitting a picker's lottery.  Not to mention, this warehouse was five minutes from home.  And as a side note, the dresser wouldn't fit in Brian's car, but the man working there saw us struggling and offered to drop it off for free in his minivan!  I promised him that I would 'pay it forward' and he seemed pleased by that response.  Overall, this has been an A+ of a day!  Hopefully some progress pics soon.

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